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1. Where do you source your candies from?

All candies used in Do Me A Favor products are sourced in Singapore and we try our utmost best to guarantee freshness in our products. You can rest assured that they are definitely not expired goods at point of delivery.  

2. What are the available candy types? 

Do Me A Favor offers the following candies, with different price range, to suit the budget of every brides.

i. Economy - Jelly drops, Chocolate coated sunflower seeds, Mentos Minis

ii. Normal - M&Ms (regular and minis), Yummy Earth Lollipops

iii. Premium - Jelly beans, Hersheys Kisses

3. What are Jelly drops?

We used to love these yummies as kids.  They are colorful soft candies coated with sugar.  Sure you remember eating them at relatives' houses during CNY. :)

4. Are your lollipops really organic ones?

Yes! Absolutely! They are from Yummy Earth! :) Yumminess is guaranteed.

5. Can I request to have some other candies besides the ones offered above?

Yes you can, but please drop us an email at to inform us of your preference before ordering through our website. Do Me A Favor will source and quote you based on your preferred candy. Do note that the price of the favors may be higher as we do not order in bulk for the candy. We will process your order only with your agreement.

6. Do you sell the favors without the candies?

Yes we do. Please drop us an email at before ordering through our website and we will give you a quote for the empty bottles + customized labels.

7. How much candies can your bottle hold?

You can find the approximate weight of the candies on the individual product page.  Please note that the actual weight may vary, depending on the amount of candies we can fit into each bottle during packaging.  

8. Mini vs Regular Popcorn - How should I choose?

Popcorn has always been a popular choice of party favor for our customers at DMAF. You can choose from 2 sizes - 

Mini Popcorn - measures 7.7 cm (in height) and 4.7 cm (widest width). Contains approx 10g of popcorn

Regular Popcorn - measures 10 cm (in height) and 6.5 cm (widest width). Contains approx 25g of popcorn

Please see illustration below.


1. Where do you source your bottles from? Are they safe to hold food?

We source our glass bottles in Singapore and the bottles are sterilized before filling with candies. The bottles are manufactured in Singapore.

2. How big or small are the bottles?

Our bottles' measurements are indicated on the product page.  


1. How long before my wedding do I need to place the order?

To ensure that you receive your order on time, please place your order at least 2 months before your wedding date. E.g. If your wedding is to take place on 20th Aug 2012, orders should be placed by 20th June 2012.

2. How long before my children party do I need to place the order?

To ensure that you receive your order on time, please place your order at least 3 weeks before the party.  E.g. If your party is to take place on 20th Aug 2012, orders should be placed by 31st July 2012.

3. Ok. I admit I found your website a tad too late, and now, there's no way I'm going to use my hotel's wedding favors 'cos your wedding favors are so beautiful! But the problem is... my wedding is in 1 month's time. Will you still be able to take in my order?

Please drop us an email at regarding the turnaround time before placing order.

Do Me A Favor strongly believes that every wedding is not complete without beautiful personalised favors.  We endeavor to make your dream wedding come true. :) 

The same goes for children party favors too.

4. Why does DMAF levy a surcharge on rush orders (i.e. orders with less than 3 weeks of lead time before delivery)?

All our products are 100% hand-made.  Our top priority is to deliver high quality party favors to our customers and this is something that DMAF never compromise. 

We have specified a lead time of at least 3 weeks so that we can plan our production schedule in advance and ensure we deliver high-quality products.  In order to accommodate rush orders, we have to  adjust production schedule and get our workers to put in extra time.  This translate into additional costs for us, which explains the surcharge.

Notwithstanding the above, there are situations where DMAF will waive the surcharge for rush orders, where we are able to accommodate them into our production schedule without compromising quality. Please note that surcharge waiver is entirely at our discretion.  If a surcharge has to be imposed on your rush order, we will always get your agreement first before we accept your order.  The choice is yours. :)


1. How do I provide the details of the couple / birthday boy / birthday girl to Do Me A Favor?

When you select Paypal as a payment option, after logging into your paypal account, you will be asked to review your payment information, including your delivery address. There is an option to add Note to Seller. Please provide names/ wedding date or birthday date/ venue in that box, click "Save", followed by "Pay Now".

2. Some of the products call for a selection of tags and candies.  How and where do i indicate my preference?

Same as the above,  Indicate your preference in the Note to Seller box at check-out.  It's just this simple. :)

3. Can I request for the labels to be in colors other than those shown in the photos?

At this moment, we only offer the labels in the color options as seen in photos.

4. Can I request for a change of wordings on the candy wrapper, tags or labels?

We strive to do you a favor at DMAF, at the same time, making sure we can deliver beautiful products to you.  

As you can appreciate, such design work requires additional time and effort and thus, there will be an additional $10 design fee.  This will be added to the total cost.

To request for additional customization for wedding labels/tags, click here

To request for additional customization for children party labels/tags, click here


1. What's your MOQ?

Wedding Bottles - 30 bottles

Wedding lollipops - 30 lollys

Wedding Popcorn - 30 boxes

Wedding Mentos - 100 rolls (unless otherwise stated)

Wedding Kisses - 80 kisses

Children Party lollipops - 20 lollys

Children Party Popcorn - 20 boxes

Children Party Mentos - 30 rolls

Children Party Kiddy Packs - 20 packs

2. Help! I want to order 45 bottles but I notice that the website only allows me to enter my order in sets of 30 (MOQ for bottles).  What should I do now?

No worries.  If the quantity you have in mind is something-in-between, you can send through your requests to  We will process your order separately.  However, please note that the MOQ requirement, for the various product categories, remains.


Do you accept orders for corporate events?

Sure we do! :) Our vision for pretty and unique favors extend beyond weddings and birthday parties.

Please share your event details and design preference via email at  The design team will contact you separately.


Don't be shy! Do email us at and we will revert within 24 hours.